Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tent Living

I want to wake up to the smell of dirt- simple as that- I'm too angry at life to live in a box. I want to live outside- the closest thing is a tent- sure it has a downside of its materials and process to make- but overall I've enjoyed life so much. At 1 am this morning I left my door flap open for over an hour just staring at the somewhat visible moon behind the clouds. At one point the clouds opened up revealing many stars and the moon itself.. The whole yard reflected bright moonlight. It was beautiful and sad. Sad to think someone is watching tv- or writing something on their blog- HEY!
My tent leaked loads of water- half my sleeping bag was wet- I wrapped myself in a big blanket and towel and was fine- but moved my tarp over the tent so it wouldn't happen again- we'll see. Oh- I didn't mention that my rainfly is completely ripped because of my lovely cat..
My new film project is currently under production- production title is "Blanterdew Pliff"
A much shorter film compared to Fresh Air- will be filming soon and releasing not too long after

thats it for now

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